Yoga Classes

Whether you're completely new to yoga or more experience, you'll find a class for you at the Aichi Lanka Yoga Centre.


Yoga is a way of life and as you may know, is a relaxing way of physical training. If you are someone running a monotonous daily routine and hardly conduct a workout regularly, we highly recommend our Yoga classes, which you will find meditating, relaxing and perfect for a complete workout that energies your mind and body entirely.

For housewives, stay home mothers or working mothers, use our Yoga classes for some YOU-time. Staying fit and healthy is the fastest way to happiness. This will also enable you to become more efficient in your day to day activities, stimulate your thinking abilities and help you relax better. Yoga will also help pregnancies and the entire process of becoming a mother, with its workout and the meditation process.

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Contact us on 0112 606607 and join the classes to enjoy a new and positive change in your life.

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