Price List

Price List For Our Medical Services & Treatments

V.PPlease Call
Psychiatrist Please Call
PediatricianPlease Call
DermatologistPlease Call
Eye Surgeon Please Call
V.O.GPlease Call
NeurologistPlease Call
CardiologistPlease Call
RheumatologistPlease Call
General SurgeonPlease Call
Orthopedic SurgeonPlease Call
E.N.T SurgeonPlease Call
RadiologistPlease Call
Pediatric SurgeonPlease Call
Dental SurgeryPlease Call
X-RayPlease Call
Laboratory ServicePlease Call
E.C.GPlease Call
Ultra Sound ScanPlease Call
PhysiotherapyPlease Call
Mobile Laboratory and Nursing ServicesPlease Call
CounselingPlease Call
2D Echo / Doppler TestPlease Call
Occupational TherapyPlease Call
Yoga ClassPlease Call

The prices above are approximate. Please call us for correct prices.