About Us

Why choose Aichi Lanka

A healthier life for everyone is our only goal at Aichi Lanka. We believe it is yours too. So why not select a medical care provider who shares your interests, hence understand you and be the best source of support for YOU?

We are a Government approved private medical centre, with experienced and well qualified physicians and staff. Our entire team under Aichi Lanka are professionals in their respective fields, who have passionately chosen their area of expertise through determination and mere need to help resolve your medical problems and concerns. You entrust your greatest wealth, which is your health, in us and we go beyond commitment to maintain your expectations and deliver the best medical care you need. Our knack for rapidly adapting to new technologies and developing the services we provide for you is another fascinating fact about us and a reason why you can always count on us.

Our Vision

Provide the fastest, safest and most patient-friendly services and environment in the most accurate manner, abiding medical laws, rules and regulations. Utilising the technological advancements and the best of medical services to provide a trusted service to all and adapting to new methodologies on a daily basis.

We also provide regular training for our staff, so that they continue to grow and become outstanding medical professionals, as they serve you. From neuro to the entire skeletal system and all the way to the most basic ligament in your body system, we have the best team ready at your disposal. Reaching us has been made easier for you, so that you will always remember us to ask for any and every medical support you need, supported by our long-term support system for a sustainable healthy life for you and your loved ones. Our mobile laboratory and nursing services will visit you at your doorstep, to make your life easier and your speed of recovery faster. In addition to medical services, we also have other activities conducted and sponsored by Aichi Lanka, which you can learn about through this page.

Since the commencement of our services in year 2003, we have grown not only as a medical institution, but also as a trusted caretaker for all our patients and staff. We respect your right for a healthier life, hence chose to serve you with our medical expertise, which is why you will find us the best medical service provider for a happier present and future.


Our team strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of the production process, from the preliminary hand-drawn sketches to the after sales support. We carefully design our themes to be easy and flexible while making sure that most FAQ of our customers can be answered by our detailed documentation.

Aichi Lanka Medical Centre is a result of a long existed dream, immense hard work and invaluable assistance from various dignitaries who wholeheartedly contributed towards welcoming our dream to reality. Namely, T.F.S.R. Organisation in Japan and their specialists Dr. Atsuko Yamagami, Mr. Ishida Tadashi, Mr. Teichi Suzuki and Mr. Kawashima were the true strengths in supporting us to realise our dream. Also Prof. Monte Cassim for your guidance and optimism rendered to us throughout.

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention all the great efforts of all our past and present staff members, who chose to share our dream and consider our mission their very own. Our job will be incomplete if we fail to mention you all who accepted our services and entrusted us since day one. Thank you for believing in us and appreciating our efforts to assist you live a healthier and happier life. With your encouragement, we have grown and developed our support systems for you and will always be dedicated to serve you to the best of our potential. Last but certainly not the least, we wouldn’t be able to deliver what we do if not for our team of doctors and medical specialists, who had faith in us throughout and chose to ride our journey every step of the way. So Thank you and we sincerely hope that you will continue to be with us and together, we will be able to reach out to many more people in need and take Aichi Lanka Medical Centre to greater heights in providing trusted medical services to our community.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any concerns you may have about our services or any other matter. Our versatile team at Aichi Lanka are devoted to assist you and your loved ones be fit and healthy, as we believe that you deserve just that.

Thank you

Gamini Dassanayake


  • Government Approved Private Medical Centre   
  • Authorised Collecting Centre – Asiri Hospitals PLC No. 181, Kirula Road, Colombo 05


We promised to take care… and delivered

What our patients say about us

  • Very well organised. Very tidy. Friendly staff. Prompt attention. Consultants, sisters and nurses and other staff of high standard. Take a keen interest in patients. Very helpful
  • I was very pleased with the kindness and competence of the staff.
    Anonymous Visitor