Healthcare Team



Our Health Care Team consists of Technicians, Therapists, Dietitians and numerous other support services.

Our Dietitians
Our Dieticians: Our team of dieticians are passionate to help you practice a healthier life style, with a food intake of sufficient nutrients. Each one of us have very unique daily routines, so receiving personalized guidance on how best we could move towards a healthier life style is vital. Meet our dieticians if this is beneficial assistance to you.

Our Technicians
Using modern technology and being equipped will not always count if there do not have trained and experienced technicians to help provide the most accurate results. Our team of technicians are trained regularly with advancements on our systems and equipment, so that they are always ready to assist in diagnosing your medical need most accurately.

Laboratory Services
In order to perfect our course of medical treatment to each and every one of you, it is vital that we follow a thorough examination of all necessities, to comprehend your body system and how it needs to helped. Our laboratories are equipped to resolve sophisticated conditions that you may have and are regularly maintained in an orderly manner to obtain the most accurate results.

Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation
Most of the medical care necessary for our well-being also comes with the need to practice. It is important that we follow rehabilitation schedules and train the part of our body which went through some change. At Aichi Lanka Medical Centre, keeping our promise to assist you get back to your healthy and beautiful life, we are equipped with a sophisticated rehabilitation program that has been commended throughout the years.

Mrs. C. Kamalani Dassanayake

Digital X-Ray

Dip in Radiography

T. B. C.

Digital X-Ray

BSc. Radiography

Mr. K. M. K. Jayasekara

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Kalubowila Hospital

Mr. K. M. I. Saman Kumara

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Kalubowila Hospital

Mr.Nuwan Ariyarathne


Dip in Physiotheraphy

Mr. Jangan

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Kalubowila Hospital

Mrs. D. H. Dissanayake

Dietitian / Nutritionist

Jayawardanepura Hospital

Mr. Mahesh Weerakkody

Occupational Therapy

Kalubowila Hospital

Mr. Palitha Siriwardane


General Hospital, Colombo
Social Practitioner – Clinical